Hire Terms & Conditions

Hire Terms & Conditions:

1. This hire agreement is for the hire of ‘Car Tents’, 'Galley Kitchen Boxes' and ‘Camping Equipment.

The parties to the contract are:

 1. The person, company, organisation, or group hiring the equipment ("hirer")

 2. UnionJackCamping LTD (Registered NO#13193200 ) with the registered office at Unit 16, The Town Yard, Station Street,                                     Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 8BF, Is the hirer of the "equipment".

 3. Any condition deemed invalid will not affect other conditions. Nothing in the contract will affect or limit a consumers existing                       legal rights.

2. Extent of hire agreement and cancellation.

 1. The hire agreement is not assignable and is effective when UnionJackCamping LTD accepts the hirers detailed order.

 2. UnionJackCamping LTD reserves the right to charge for cancellation.

 3. Ownership of the goods and equipment hired remains the property of UnionJackCamping LTD at all times.

3. Hire charges.

1. Basis of charging the stated hire charges within the invoice are for the duration of the hire agreement and include Saturdays,                    Sundays, and all public holidays. the first day will be the day the customer can expect to take delivery or collect the goods                            hired.The minimum hire period is 1 week.

2. Return Date - if the hired equipment is not returned on the end of the hire date, the security deposit will be used to pay for the                   additional hire.

3. Security deposits, when booking, a security damage deposit is required for all equipment hired and will be added to the                             invoice. Once the equipment is returned to will be checked and if it is in good condition, the damage deposit returned to the                      hirer within 7 working days. the deposit amounts are dependant on the hire cost and length of hire and are shown on the                            hire invoice.

4. Damage of hired goods

1. When damage, beyond normal wear and tear, has been incurred, then the repair, excessive cleaning and replacement                            charges will be made against the hirer's deposit, the hirer will be notified of this, if the equipment is not repairable, the hirer will                 be liable for the full value.

5. Indicative charges.

1. The replacement value of the equipment will be charged at our current advertised retail price (dependant on product).

2. Replacement mattress £200.00

3. Extra cleaning beyond our usual check, brush, vacuum and clean out is £25 per hour (minimum 1 hour).

4. Upon discovery of vandalism or graffiti of any hired equipment, full deposit will be forfeited.

6. Loss of equipment.

1. Full retail value will be charged for any loss of equipment hired.

7. Theft of tents and equipment.

1. Theft of tents and equipment must be reported to the police and a crime reference number obtained.

2. The hirer must notify UnionJackCamping LTD within 24 hours of the theft.

Email: sales@unionjackcamping.com      Telephone: 07516189015

8. Collection of hire.

1. Collection of hire will be the first day of hire stated on the hire order form.

2. Return of hire will be the last day of hire stated on the hire order form.

3. Collection and return will be in normal business hours (9:00am-17:00pm) Monday to Friday, and Saturday (9:00am-12:00pm)                    no collection or return of hired goods on Sunday's.

9. Payment.

1. Terms of payment of any charges shall be made under the hire agreement in full on confirmation of the order for the                                   equipment, payment shall not be deemed to have been made until UnionJackCamping LTD has received cleared funds.

2. If payment is not made within this time frame the order will be cancelled and the hirer will be notified by Email.

3. Payment can be made by Cash, Debit Card or via Bank Transfer details given on the invoice.

10. Cancellation policy.

1. The following charges apply in the event of cancelling a hire after payment has been taken

:- Before hire start date, refund available up to 21 days before returns 50%

:-less than 21 days before hire period, no refund of hire charges will be made.

11. Hirers responsibilities

1. On commencement of hire inspect all equipment and sign for the condition before start of hire.

2. The hirer accepts responsibility for all equipment security until returned and undertake snot to sell or relinquish possession,                      alter, repair or modify it in any way unless given permission to do so by UnionJackCamping LTD.

3. Safe use of equipment, the hirer is responsible for the safe and correct use of the equipment at all times (operating                                    instructions supplied) by a competent person, not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The hirer will also confirm that any                    equipment used in conjunction with the hired equipment conforms to all safety standards.

12. Manufacturers warning.

1. The material used is fire retardant but not flame resistant, therefore do not smoke or cook food inside the car tents.

2. The hirer will ensure the equipment hired is used in a safe manner and will not be exposed to naked flames or smoking at all                     times during the agreement period.

13. Limitation of liability.

1. The limit if liability in respect of defect or failure of equipment or goods is limited only to making good such defects by repair or                 replacement at UnionJackCamping LTD's discretion.

14. Liability of UnionJackCamping LTD

1. The liability of UnionJackCamping LTD for claims made by the hirer does not extend to any unforeseeable financial loss                        caused  by unsuitability or breakdown or lawful repossession, please note that no tent material is 100% waterproof and in                      extreme  weather conditions, some leakage may occur around the openings and seems.

2. The liability does not extend to any personal possessions or equipment damage or loss from the tent while on hire, the hirer                      should ensure they have adequate insurance to cover such a loss or damage.

15. Try Before you buy

1. If the hirer chooses to purchase any of the equipment within 30 days of the hire period ending, 50% of the hire will be                                refunded for said item.

I ………………………….…….. Have read and understand and agree with the tent hire terms and conditions stated above.

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